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LAST UPDATE 03/03/2023

About Cookies 

Cookies are small files stored on a user’s browser, mobile phone or other device that are used while browsing Mendelics platforms, services and advertisements (“Mendelics” or “We”), to understand, transmit and protect your information.

We use Cookies in different ways, for example:

  • To enable Mendelics to present the most relevant content and offers to you;
  • To improve Mendelics services; 
  • To help keep these services secure.


Your choices 

You can change your cookie preferences at any time by clicking on the sign representing a cookie in the bottom left corner of the page. Some Cookies are classified by Us as essential, so they cannot be disabled when you change your preferences. They are essential Cookies for the website to work properly.

We have listed below the Cookies classified as essential, as well as their purpose and the time they are kept. Likewise, we list other Cookies that are collected on our website with your agreement, with their respective purpose and time that they are kept.

In addition, we have listed the “Cookies Preference Changes in your browser”, where you can configure preferences, change or delete the Cookies collected in your browser, including essential Cookies.

Essential Cookies 

These Cookies are necessary for the website to work properly. With these Cookies We are able to provide the best functionality of the website, without any damage to navigation.

Cookie Purpose More Policy Details
AdOpt We use AdOpt Cookie to verify consent domain and subdomain as well as to store website user consent
GRECAPTCHA Google reCAPTCHA is used for the purpose of providing your risk analysis, preventing spam
Polylang We use this cookie to Setup the Store Language ttps://

Marketing Cookies

These Cookies are used to display ads that may interest you based on your browsing behavior. Ads are tailored to your behavior while browsing the site.

Cookie Purpose More Policy Details
Microsoft Bing Ads Used to store and track visits to websites
Navegg Used to provide ad delivery or retargeting
MediaMath MediaMath sets this cookie to prevent the same ads from being shown repeatedly and for relevant advertising
Yahoo Ad targeting cookie for Yahoo
Facebook Used by Facebook to deliver advertising products such as real-time bids from third-party advertisers
Google Ads Used for advertising purposes

Statistical Cookies 

These Cookies are used to collect information to analyze traffic and understand how you use our website. This information does not identify you individually.

Cookie Purpose More Policy Details
Hotjar Used to ensure that the behavior on subsequent visits to the same website is attributable to the user. Also used to compute the total session count and number of visitors. It does not contain any identifiable information.
Google Analytics Used to understand how our advertising actions perform and how users interact with our website in order to improve their experience.

Functional Cookies 

These Cookies adjust the website to third-party services, such as links to your profile on social networks, comments, chatbots, etc.

Cookie Purpose More Policy Details
LinkedIn Cookies set by LinkedIn for advertising purposes, including: tracking visitors so more relevant ads can be displayed, allowing users to use “Apply with LinkedIn” or “Join LinkedIn” functions. Also used for language setting and to store guest consent to cookies.
Microsoft User Identifier Used to identify unique web browsers that visit Microsoft sites. These cookies are used for advertising, website analytics and other operational purposes.
RD Station Used to save the reference of the origin of the user's visit to the website and to save the list of all the pages that the visitor accessed within the domain, even before conversion (only for accounts with access to Lead Tracking).

Changes to Cookie Preferences in Your Browser 

For more detailed information on how to disable, change or delete Cookies in your browser, please follow the instructions in the links below: