What is a genetic Hereditary Cancer test indicated for?

The main genetic tests for hereditary cancer are the NGS tests (Example: NGS Panels and Single Gene Sequencing) and MLPA tests. They are indicated for diagnosis (to confirm if the cancer cause is hereditary), to define treatments and for genetic counseling.

In hereditary cancer, the genetic change which causes the disease is present in all the patient’s body cells, for his reason, tests to detect this type of cancer are conducted with blood, oral mucosa or any other type of sample from the patient.

What are the possible
causes of cancer?

Cancer is a group comprising more than 100 diseases caused by changes in genes acting in the cell division and growth.

The changes cause such genes to not correctly perform their functions and this causes the cells to lose the normal growth controls and divide in an uncontrollable manner.

Most of the tumors are caused by several genetic changes we accumulate over the lifetime. This type of cancer is called sporadic.

The somatic changes may occur due to a number of internal factors (example: division error of the cell itself) or external factors (examples: smoking, infections and solar radiation) of the body.

Around 5 to 10% of the cancers are caused by a genetic change inherited from one of the parents. In the hereditary cancer, as this type of tumor is known, the change which causes the disease is present in all the patient’s body cells, including eggs and sperm, and can also be transmitted to their children.

Main Genetic Cancer Tests

  • Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Panel
  • Hereditary Cancer Panel (Main genes)
  • Hereditary Cancer Panel (Complete)
  • MLPA of BRCA1
  • MLPA of BRCA2
  • MLPA of cancer-related specific genes
  • Colorectal Cancer Panel
  • Prostate Cancer Panel
  • Melanoma and Other Skin Cancers Panel

How does it work?


Request the collection kit by using the contact form or sent an e-mail to contato@mendelics.com


Collect saliva at home (Oral swab) or blood in a laboratory (EDTA tube)


Send the collected sample to our laboratory


Check the progress in real time and access the tests results online

How to Request the Kit?

With a medical prescription;
Contact us and inform the exam to be conducted;
Choose payment option;
Receive the collection Kit at home.

Request Collection Kit

Swab Collection Kit

The oral mucosa collection with a Swab tube is as efficient as the blood collection. The patient or responsible may conduct the collection in his/her own home, in a practical and fast way, following the instructions which accompany the Kit.

The only required preparation is the oral hygiene followed by absolute fasting during 30 minutes before the collection.

The collected sample is stable for 1 month at room temperature.

EDTA Collection kit

The blood collection of 4 mL in an EDTA tube (known as the purple cap tube) can be conducted in any laboratory. No preparation is required. The collected sample is stable from three to four days, even under room temperature.

Collection at the lab

Patients in São Paulo also have the option to perform the test at Mendelics.


Health Plans

Check the health plan operators available at Mendelics.


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