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    Mendelics Differentials

    Pioneer in Brazil and in Latin America

    The first and the largest laboratory focused on genomic analysis in Latin America.

    More precise

    The largest database of Brazilian and Latin American variants, with more than 100 thousand genetic tests conducted.

    International Quality Certifications

    The only Brazilian laboratory specialized in genetics with CAP, PALC and ISO, the main international certifications.

    Agility to deliver the reports

    Proprietary software with artificial intelligence for genetic data analysis, MIT award winner for innovation.

    Main Tests

    Learn about the main tests provided by Mendelics

    Mendelics’ Whole Exome Sequencing

    Provide the Mendelics’ Whole Exome Sequencing, a powerful tool to diagnose thousands of genetic diseases. We include CNVs and mitochondrial DNA analysis, resulting in the highest diagnosis rate in the market.

    Cancer Panels

    Provide gene panels related to a number of inherited cancers, such as breast, ovary, prostate, colorectal, gastric cancer, among others.


    Provide the SNP-Array, an exam that allows the identification of deletions and duplications in all chromosomes, recommended for the investigation of intellectual disability and autism, as well as syndromes of multiple malformations.

    Day One – Genomic Newborn Screening

    Provide the Day One – Genomic Newborn Screening, able to expand neonatal screening for more than 320 treatable genetic diseases of the early childhood.

    Mendelics Accreditations

    Get to know all Mendelics’ accreditations