Why testing COVID-19 with Mendelics?


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Broad testing is crucial to track the virus, to rapidly identify new cases and to prevent the disease from being transmitted.

Mendelics has created a precise test in large-scale which rapidly detects the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Your company may test all the employees, receive the results within up to 24 hours and guarantee a safe return to the activities.

About the test

The test uses the loop-mediated isothermal amplification with reverse transcriptase (RT-LAMP) to identify the virus RNA. The test is precise, efficient and fast, allowing testing of thousands of samples per day.

The test complies with ANVISA’s (Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency) regulatory standards. The laboratory services provided by Mendelics comply with the Collegiate Board of Directors’ Resolution (RDC) No. 302, of October 2005 (RDC 302/2005) elaborated by ANVISA, which provides the technical regulation for the operation of clinical laboratory services in Brazil.

Download RDC No. 302, of October 13th, 2005.

Technical specifications

Technique/Method: loop-mediated isothermal amplification with reverse transcriptase (RT-LAMP).

Type of sample: saliva in sterile tube.

Sample stability: up to 3 days under room temperature.

Specificity: > 99%

Sensitivity: > 80%

More information

More advantages of the test

Proven technical quality

The widely tested LAMP technique1,2 presents equivalent precision to RT-PCR.

High scalability and fast results

The test evaluates thousands of samples a day and the results are available within up to 24 hours.

Low cost and national coverage

Companies throughout Brazil can test their employees for an accessible value.

Simple and safe collection

Rapid and non-invasive self-collection of saliva in sterile tube provided by Mendelics.

How to order the test?

Mendelics is currently focused on the safe return to work, study and social activities.

Contact us to know how we can assist you.

ATTENTION! The collection for the COVID-19 test is performed only through the Collection Kit. We do not perform face-to-face collection to prevent the virus from spreading.


Mendelics is currently focused on the safe return to work, study and social activities.

Contact us to know how we can assist you.


Right now, Mendelics is working with individual tests via partners. Please complete the form below and we will send you detailed information on how to proceed with individual tests.

About Mendelics

Mendelics is a pioneer and leader in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in Latin America, with broad experience in diagnosis of genetic diseases, being the only Latin American genome-based laboratory to obtain the CAP (College of American Pathologists – No. 8671464), Inmetro’s Accreditation according to ABNT NBR ISO 15189, under number CLC 0007 and PALC (Clinical Laboratory Accreditation Program – No. 32290508) accreditations. CRM-SP 955.471.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have any doubts?

No. The test detects the virus RNA (genetic material) and, therefore, if you are infected at that time. To confirm if you already had coronavirus and developed antibodies, there are other types of tests in the market.

At this time, we’re not trading the test for private patients, but for companies, contributing with their safe return to business and school activities.

Any person who wants to know whether he/she is infected by COVID-19 or not at that time, even without symptoms.

No. Many people with COVID-19 do not present symptoms or present symptoms from 2 to 14 days after they have been infected. You can be tested without presenting symptoms and, if you are infected, the test result will be positive.

The test can be ordered through our e-mail, form in this page or call center which are indicated above in the site.

The test is highly sensitive to detect the virus, being comparable with RT-PCR.

The difference is in the technique, but both of them identify the virus RNA and are the only ones approved by the FDA as gold standards to identify the active infection in patients. Source: https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/emergency-situations-medical-devices/emergency-use-authorizations.

People infected by the virus take between 2 to 14 days to present any disease symptom. In this phase, called pre-symptomatic, the infected individuals may contaminate other people. This is why the continuous and planned testing in your company allows the employees a gradual and safe return.

The test can be conducted at any time and several times if the person has not been infected in order to identify the active virus infection.

The test must be conducted in order to discover whether you are infected by COVID-19 or not. The frequency depends on your activity, your exposure to infected people and whether you need to do any activity where you’ll be in contact with other people.


1. Notomi T et al. Loop-mediated isothermal amplification of DNA. Nucleic Acids Res. 2000;28(12):E63.

2. Wang X, Yin F, Bi Y, et al. Rapid and sensitive detection of Zika virus by reverse transcription loop-mediated isothermal amplification. J Virol Methods. 2016;238:86‐93.4